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    1. Detailed information

    Aluminum die casting heat sink

    Utilizing our die casting processes and technology, ZIBO CREATION METALWARE CO.,LTD can manufacture aluminum die casting heat sinks to fit your specifications and design.We make heat sinks for several applications.,including

    *Variable -frequency Drive (VFD)

    *Frequency Converter And Motor Integrated Machine

    *Servo Motor

    *Circuit Board

    *Electronic Devices

    Besides the above , we provide companies, suppliers, and individuals from allover the world with die cast heat sinks in a variety of applications.We can design and produce customized heat sinks for your specific applications.

    The Benefits of Die Cast Aluminum Heat Sinks

    *remove heat from parts and components in electronic applications 

    *Be made with all features necessary for cooling electronic components

    *Be designed in a way that requires less machining than other manufacturing processes

    *High dimensional stability. 

    *High production rate and low cost

    *Provide exceptionally flat surfaces and tight tolerances

    *Looking good as raw parts or can be anodized or powder coated